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We help scholars conceive, conduct, and communicate research.

Wherever you are in the doctoral process, we are committed to coming alongside and helping you conceive, conduct, and communicate your dissertation research.

You may be a full-time professional balancing family life who is about to begin your doctoral coursework. One of your objectives is to maximally manage your time and efforts by focusing your upcoming course assignments on a research topic and problem that are worthy of scientific investigation and can inform your future dissertation research. We can guide you, as a novice researcher, through the maze of internal examinations and external searches necessary to conceive the research topic and problem that best utilize your professional expertise and influences while engaging your personal passions for making a difference in the world. You will also benefit from our expert advice on methodological fit and formulating the proper research design for your study.

You could be stuck in the all-but-dissertation (ABD) phase with the alarm clock ticking. You must overcome the obstacles and hindrances keeping you from achieving your goal of the earned doctorate before time runs out. Whether the obstacles and hindrances are institutional or personal in nature, we can help you get on the right track to completion by providing expert guidance on conducting your study. We provide coaching and advising to support you through the processes of (1) proposing and obtaining requisite approvals to conduct your study, (2) designing and implementing data collection methods, and (3) analyzing data that can answer your study’s research questions.

Perhaps you have collected and analyzed your data, but you are struggling with communicating your findings and discussing the implications of your study results for professional practice, policy development, and scholarly theory. Here at CastleBridge Research Consulting, we are experts at coaching scholars through the appropriate logical reasoning processes (inductive and/or deductive) and applying developmental editing techniques to ensure that your finished dissertation manuscript meets the requirements of your degree-granting institution.


Benefits of Our Services

Dissertation Consulting

Dissertation consulting services focus on the overall research process with expansive knowledge and expertise as well as strategic steps for completing sections and chapters of the dissertation. Benefits include:

  • Solutions for problems outside your purview as a novice researcher, which means you avoid potential missteps and unnecessary revisions;
  • Less time spent waiting for responses from your chair/mentor and less time searching for critical information missing from university manuals, course instruction, and textbooks means you have more time to design, conduct, and write your research; and
  • Clear and timely guidance on various research components, sections, and chapters of the dissertation, which lessens frustration and increases productivity.

Literature Review

Dr. Fisher provides individual mentoring and cohort trainings on conducting and writing a literature review in less time. Although less time is spent, the overall benefit is a comprehensive review of the literature that serves as the foundational building block for a well-designed study. You benefit from numerous time-saving tips and techniques:

  • Focusing your search of the literature,
  • Identifying key words/concepts for effective searches,
  • Accessing appropriate databases and sources,
  • Organizing your literature (piles and files),
  • Outlining initial literature review chapter and expanding based on chair/committee feedback, and
  • Writing drafts of literature review chapter.

Methodology & Design

Dr. Debra Fisher has advised on hundreds of dissertations and is CITI Human Research Certified. More than simply recommending methodology and research design textbooks that provide pieces of a generic research puzzle, Dr. Fisher will help you select the appropriate pieces and masterfully fit them together to form the best strategy for answering your study research questions. Benefits include:

  • Money savings by not purchasing unnecessary methodology/research design textbooks;
  • Elimination of frustration resulting from trying to understand the various components of a particular research design, meaning that your optimism, productivity, and enjoyment of the research process are increased;
  • New-found confidence in making informed decisions about how to conduct your study means you are less vulnerable to misguided counsel from professors and cohort peers; and
  • Enhanced ability to effectively defend your design choices to your chair and committee members, which results in expedited approvals.

Concept Paper/Prospectus

The aim of writing the concept paper/prospectus is to demonstrate scientific merit so you can be approved to develop a formal proposal (usually the first three chapters of your dissertation). Working with Dr. Fisher, you will more quickly be approved to advance to proposal stage with a concept paper/prospectus that meets specific scientific merit criteria.

Dissertation Defense

As a CastleBridge Research client, you can benefit from Dr. Fisher's advising/coaching expertise in preparing doctoral candidates for preliminary and final oral defenses as well as, in the European tradition, the viva voce examination.

Qualitative analysis

As a qualitative methodologist, Dr. Fisher will fill in the textbook gaps and expertly guide you through the design and implementation of your qualitative data analysis plan. Benefits include:

  • Initial training and coaching throughout data coding procedures so you are not left guessing if you are doing it correctly; and
  • Utilization of the qualitative data analysis (QDA) program ATLAS.ti to organize and examine qualitative data, increasing the reliability of results and enabling you to present compelling findings that are responsive to your study's research questions.

Proposal & IRB Review

With an approved concept paper/prospectus, you should immediately begin developing the dissertation proposal. With Dr. Debra Fisher at your side, you will achieve a committee-approved proposal with minimal revision cycles and Institutional Review Board (IRB) exemptions/approvals to conduct your study.

research support

Should you require additional support while working on your dissertation research, look no further. You can save time searching for editors, academic writing tutors, and transcriptionists while avoiding the frustration of chasing down and checking their references. As a CastleBridge Research client, you are positioned to benefit from professional interactions with research support service providers who have been selected, screened, and trained to meet our high standards of scholarly excellence.


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